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Fake News: How to Spot Fake News

Consider the following:

  • Assess your emotional reaction. Did the source make you angry? Did it make you hope it was true? Often, sources that elicit powerful emotional reactions are questionable.
  • Consider the source. What information can you find out—on other sites—about the author? The sponsoring organization? The sources cited by and linked from the site? Avoid looking just at the “About” page, as anyone can make their “About” page sound credible.
  • Cross-check information. Can you find this same information on other sites, reported in the same way? If so, then it is likely valid. If no other site is reporting on this information, or if other sites have a very different perspective, this site is questionable.
  • Use a fact-checking website. Find out what professional fact-checkers say about this information. Use any of the following sites: